Nutrition Cartel Plant Protein - Vanilla Swirl

    Nutrition Cartel Plant Protein - Vanilla Swirl

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    Introducing the ground-breaking Nutrition Cartel Plant Protein – a true game-changer in the realm of plant-based protein. We've meticulously formulated the most exquisite plant protein blend that sets a new standard for taste and texture.

    Say goodbye to the sandy, grainy, and gritty plant proteins of the past. Our latest creation features an advanced fusion of Peanut, Pea, and homegrown Australian Faba Bean Protein, delivering a taste sensation that stands unparalleled. Our relentless pursuit of the perfect protein blend has led to our finest formulation yet – the Peanut Plant Protein. We've removed rice protein from all our blends and replaced it with a touch of Faba Bean Protein. This super-high-protein ingredient boasts a creamy, rich texture and a remarkably neutral taste, all while being sustainably grown right here in Australia. Plus, it's ten times more environmentally friendly than traditional whey protein.

    In all our Peanut Plant Proteins, you'll discover that the primary ingredient is Peanut Protein, imparting a unique flavor profile reminiscent of liquid peanut butter with a subtle twist. We offer a variety of delightful Peanut Plant Protein flavors, each with a prominent peanut essence.

    Our Peanut Plant Protein is the ideal choice for both pre- and post-workout nutrition. It seamlessly blends into smoothies, offering a delectable taste that's simply outstanding. We believe you'll be hard-pressed to find a plant protein as scrumptious as this.

    It comes in two amazing flavours, Chocolate Caramel & Vanilla Swirl!

    We can’t wait for you to try the latest range of proteins from Nutrition Cartel

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