" Staying on track when eating out" by Morgan Steel

by Renee Rice on April 22, 2021

We all know how hard is it to stay on track and not eat out when you're dieting! But one meal won't be the end! It is important not to restrict yourself! So, go out, enjoy yourself and here are some helpful tips!

  • Always choose meal options which contain a good portion of protein.
  • Preferably when eating out make it the last meal of the day to avoid have a day off track as a result.
  • Fill up on savoury options so there will be less of an inclination to overeat desert or sweets.
  • Try to train if possible, on days you decide to eat out.
  • Have a protein shake before leaving home so you’re not excessively hungry and order more than you can eat.
  • Try to be present when eating the meal to really enjoy the food and occasion instead of just mindlessly shovelling food down.
  • If logging your food intake reduce your meals in the day slightly to account for a larger meal than usual.
  • Avoids if possible, food that are not in your regular diet to avoid digestion and bloating issues after the fact.