Q & A by Morgan Steel

by Renee Rice on September 08, 2020
Q. How long should my rest periods be between sets?
A. There is no set time period just take enough time to catch your breath then get ready to go again.

Q. Will weight training stunt my growth if I'm a teenager?
A. Research suggests weight training is extremely healthy for young people and doesn’t stunt growth at all. The only issue happens when you lift to much weight and injury yourself which could lead to issues while growing so leave the ego at home.

Q. What to do if your loosing motivation to go to the gym?
A. Motivation will always come and go it takes discipline to keep a good routine going. You need to find some form of internal motivation which some people have and some just don’t.

Q. What to do if your having trouble putting on weight and simply can’t eat any more food?
A. The key is to really focus on calorie dense foods which are usually high in fats, one gram of fat is 9 calories compared to protein and carbohydrates which is only 4 calories. So an idea is to add oils to your meals or add peanut butter to shakes etc to help get extra calories in.

Q. Do you have take protein powder to put on muscle?
A. Absolutely not you should actually aim to get most of your protein from whole foods e.g. chicken, beef, eggs and tuna. Protein powders are a excellent idea when your stuck for time and are excellent for post workout because of its fast digestion.